Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lent: Not giving up on moving karma

I hate moving.

I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years.

And oddly enough, each time has been an experience of grace.

I don't actually believe in karma, but I do believe in moving karma. Every time I've moved, I've just had such incredible help from so many people. The intertwining, overlapping communities that I'm so blessed to be a part of show up again and again. There was the time, for example, that I had to move in between trips to the hospital, when an eclectic group of Wesley folks showed up to help me move and my new housemates had painted my room for me before I arrived.

Because of this kind of experience, I try to help out whenever I hear anyone needs help moving. I've helped a lot of people move in my four years in DC. It's always been worth it.

Today was the last push to get all of the stuff out of the 906 before the power gets shut off and the doors get  locked. I rented a Zipvan and we loaded stuff into it to take to Goodwill and Heather and Jeff helped me get there and John Forrest and Ben, having already gone through the effort of Craig's Listing just about everything in the house, cleaned up. And then Andy helped me get a mountain of garbage out of the van and into the Wesley dumpster.

Not sure we were supposed to do that, but anyway. It worked.

So today was another stressful moving day and another experience of grace. Another experience of community coming together. Sometimes it's the little things that matter, but it sure is nice when the big things come together too.

This Lent, I'm not giving up on moving karma.

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