Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lent: Not giving up on 'home'

So first of all I had an amazing weekend and I'm just so darn impressed with the students I work with at American University and also with the amazing people of the Jersey Shore who continue to struggle with the impact of Hurricane Sandy. And also I got us and our 15 passenger van home safe despite wind, snow, traffic, and crazy drivers (and a brief trip the wrong way on the beltway. Oops).

So there's plenty to write about and be grateful for. But right now I don't really want to write much. I just am glad to be home.

And that alone is something to write about, because I suppose this--my shared dorm room at Wesley--is home now. It feels like home to come back to. And that is saying a lot. There is a lot of transition in my life right now--transitioning out of a house into a dorm, transitioning from being a commuter to an on-campus student, transitioning from part-time student status to full-time, transitioning out of a relationship and into...well, I'm not sure into what, yet. And in all of that, it would be easy to get lost on questions of what home is. Is home my room at the 906 that I've moved out of? My room at the 914 that I still miss? Is home where I grew up? Or my parents house in Greensboro, which I've only been in a few times?

But for now this--typing away at my computer while my roommate taps away at his, chatting about school and church and random bits of metaphysics--this feels like home. I'll take that.

This Lent, I'm not giving up on home.

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