Hi, I'm David. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a chaplain, a writer, a songwriter, and, most recently, a podcaster. I'm also a spouse and a puppy dad. I try to follow Jesus, and often times make a mess of it. I love accompanying folks -- particularly young adults -- on their journeys of meaning, purpose, and identity. And I'm passionate about conversations at the intersection of mental health, spirituality, faith, and community.

This is me and my dog, Penny Lane. She is cool. 

This blog is called "Foolish Hosey." The "Hosey" part is me. It's my last name, or it was, until I got married to this cool person named Leigh, who also had a last name, so we combined them because teamwork. The "Foolish" part is me, too. Sometimes, I act and say and do foolish things. But also, I think that most of what's worth doing in this world seems foolish at the time. This guy named Paul who wrote a bunch of letters a long time ago gave me that idea: "God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, things that are not, to reduce to nothing things that are, so that no one might boast in the presence of God."

On this blog, I post things I write. I also have a podcast called Fooling with Scripture, and I share the episodes on this blog as well. And I'm working on a book, called Christ on the Psych Ward, which will be published in Spring 2018, so you'll hear about that on this site as well.

I hope you find some of what I share here meaningful, or interesting, or thought-provoking, or helpful to you on your journey!

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  1. Thanks for being there. I can't wait to read your book. Do you have a mailing list?