Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Wednesday: Not giving up on solidarity (pt. III)

My best friend's dad died two nights ago, after a long struggle with cancer.

I have some choice words about cancer. I won't post them publicly. Let me just say that if I met cancer in a dark alley, I'd probably leave behind my pacifist principles and kick some ass.

Anyway, I went to MD today to spend time with my friend and his mom. We just talked, and told some stories. Talked a bit about what we were grateful for. Like I said yesterday, there's nothing magical to say.

Just sit. And share. And be present.

I have found that, while not for everyone, beer is remarkably helpful in this endeavor as well.

During Holy Week, we take on roles. We journey through the week together, inhabiting the texts that guide us. And we learn of a God in solidarity with us, in spite of--in the midst of--all of our mess.

This Holy Wednesday, I am once again not giving up on solidarity.

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