Friday, January 20, 2017

Apocalypse Already, Pt. 1 (Fooling with Scripture podcast)

Hi folks -- here's a new episode of the Fooling with Scripture podcast! As promised last episode, I'm starting a new series on revelation and Revelation -- that is, on the Book of Revelation, and also on the concept of revelation, which is actually a translation of the Greek word apokalypsis. 

You've probably heard the words "apocalyptic" and "apocalypse" before, in reference to something like "the end of the world." But check out the podcast to find out more about what the word actually means, and why I think right now is a good time to be talking about it:

I mention Brian Blount's book, which I'll be referring to throughout this series: Can I Get a Witness?: Reading Revelation through African American Culture (Westminster John Knox, 2005). The quote "Revelation obscures" is literally on page 1.

The other commentary I mention is Christopher C. Rowland's in Volume XII of The New Interpreter's Bible: A Commentary in Twelve Volumes (Abingdon, 1998). Rowland's point about de-mythologizing readings, the rise of the Nazis, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer is on page 507-508. And on pg. 556 is the longer quote I read:
In situations where [the Book of Revelation's] imagery is allowed to work, however, it can disturb the convention maintained by the commonsensical. Like metaphors, whose function is to lay bare the realities of experience by the abrupt and jarring impact of their linguistic juxtapositions, apocalypse seeks to stop us in our tracks and get us to view things differently. 
I also find M. Eugene Boring's (tee hee hee) introduction to Revelation in The New Interpreter's Study Bible (Abingdon, 2003), to be a helpful overview -- it's on pages 2211-13.

Finally, I paraphrased a letter/social media post by activist ShiShi Rose -- you can read the full quote and get some good context here. Here's an excerpt:
In the weeks leading up to the Women’s March on Washington, Brooklyn-based activist ShiShi Rose penned a moving letter to “white allies” planning to attend. Rose wrote that while many have viewed the nation through a different lens since President-elect Donald Trump's election, “For the rest of us, this is how it has always looked." Rose continued, "I want to remind you that no ally ever got very far, in any movement, without acknowledgement of their own privilege daily. ... You don’t just get to join because now you’re scared, too. I was born scared."
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