Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Year of Fooling with Scripture!

It's 2017, and I'm ready for a new year of fooling with scripture!

In this episode, I talk a bit about some upcoming projects, including a new series on the book of Revelation.

I also look back over the past few months of the podcast and ask the question, what does it mean to fool with scripture?

A few different themes come to mind -- when it comes to fooling with scripture, we're interested in:

1) Surprising, not Spectacular
2) Authoring, not Authority
3) Conversation, not Coercion
4) Text, not Textbook
5) Foolish, not Foolproof

Want to hear more? Check out the podcast:

I mention the "Roadmap to Biblical Interpretation" that we learned at Wesley Seminary -- if that's of interest to you, you can check out the book by my professor Dr. Sharon Ringe (you might remember her from the John series). In brief, the Roadmap is an approach to biblical interpretation that starts with the assumption that readers and texts both originate in contexts and that no one interpretation can take precedence over others. With this in mind, the Roadmap consists of 5 steps: (1) "Starting at Home" with the readers context (2) Encountering the text (3) A closer reading of the text (4) Expanding our inquiry to the context out of which the text emerges and (5) Engaging with other readers, including a broader community of voices we might tend to forget.

Also, I want to give a shout out to my friend Morgan Guyton -- his book How Jesus Saves the World from Us inspired the rhythm of my "five not exactly principles." Morgan's a campus minister at Loyola and Tulane University in Louisiana -- learn more about what they're up to here.

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