Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fooling with Scripture is back!

Thanks to Leigh for the new logo design!
Hey all! The Fooling with Scripture Podcast is back for...hey, let's call it Season 2, why not.

You might remember I posted back in March about a bit of a mental health break I was taking, which included not doing new episodes of the podcast for awhile.

Now we're back in action, so check out this new episode of Fooling with Scripture for updates and some thoughts on waiting on the Spirit!

And just to share some info and links about things I mention in the podcast:

-- I've completed a first draft of my book, Christ on the Psych Ward! The book will be available in Spring 2018 from Church Publishing Group. If you want to stay up to date on the book, check out my Patreon site -- and become a Patron to get sneak peaks and special offers!

-- Leigh and I will be at the Wild Goose Festival in July. I'll be doing a live version of Fooling with Scripture on Friday, July 14 at 10am, and I'll be giving a talk on mental health and mental illness with an awesome artist and theologian named Mary Button! And you can join the fun by being part of our audience. In fact, we can help you out on that. Just go to www.WildGooseFestival.org, and use the code GOOSECAST17 when you buy your tickets and you’ll receive a whopping 25% off!

-- And stay tuned for the next few episodes of Fooling with Scripture, in which Leigh and I will be looking at the various ways scripture is used and misused in the terrifying dystopian future depicted in the new Hulu adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel The Handmaid's Tale!

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