Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"The Challenge" Day....HOLY CRAP IT'S DAY 30!!!

It's true! It's Day 30 of the K-LOVE Challenge and I didn't even realize it! I figured they'd email me to ask if my life had changed or something.

For the report on whether or not my life has changed, you'll have to wait until tomorrow's post. Today, on Day 30, I figured I'd give you a totally cheesy top 10 list, because....crap, y'all, because it's Day 30 of this blog series and I can't come up with anything good and my reflection paper for Emergent Gathering was on an old Anglican hymn instead of CCM, ok? Don't judge. Jeeze. Y'all need some positive, encouraging music in your life.

So here it is, the Top 10 things I like about K-LOVE and/or WGTS, in no particular order.

1) The song "Oceans" by Hillsong United (as previously mentioned)
2) The fact that one WGTS DJ declared the week after Valentine's Day to be "singles appreciation week"
3) The relative lack of commercials (again, as previously mentioned)
4) The relative lack, especially on K-LOVE, of social-conservativism-confused-with-Christian-theology (with the exception of a few songs and a few DJ comments)
5) The genuine commitment to their particular understanding of sharing something they're passionate about (Rob Conway's response to my email is a great example)
6) The fact that the DJs know that they've got cheesy senses of humor. They strike me as total dorks, not as people trying to be cool to impress the youths, which I like. I love dorks. I'm a dork. It's cool.
7) The theological content of the songs is actually broader than I expected when I entered into this experiment, with some great creative metaphors like "write your story on my heart" and "you call me out upon the waters"
8) CCM takes seriously a very important idea: that shame is one of the major addictions of our society and is a major barricade to a healthy life. Many, many songs address the idea of healing from shame (more on that tomorrow)
9) The attempts to create a community by having people call in to share stories or prayer requests. While many radio shows have "call-in" segments, how many radio shows let you call in to share with folks that you're worried about your mom's cancer or your son's struggles in school? I honor anyone who creates spaces for vulnerability
10) I have been able to glean a few songs that I could use in worship, which is definitely a good thing.

So there you have it. Tomorrow, post-challenge, I'll let you know if I have, in fact, had a life-changing experience and, I think, give a bit of a "good, bad, and ugly" overview.

Much love to ya!


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