Thursday, December 5, 2013

Look (Mandela)

I'm blogging for Advent, following along with the themes that we're focusing on at Crossroads. I talk more about why I'm doing this in an earlier post. This week's theme is "look."

So this week I'm blogging on looking for signs of Christ, for signs of the kingdom, in the midst of strife and tribulation.

Nelson Mandela died today at the age of 95.

Let's not forget that the man whose life is being celebrated around the world today, the man we rightly hail as a hero, was condemned by the powers-that-be as a terrorist and a Communist. Mandela, and the ANC that he lead, were only removed from the U.S. terrorist watch list in 2008.

May his life serve as a reminder that resisting oppression will never be popular with those benefiting from the structures of power.

May we look closely at those who are labeled terrorists, radicals, and disturbers-of-the-peace, and ask ourselves if some of them, in fact, have things to say that we need to hear.

May we look closely at the characters associated with this Advent season--John the Baptist, Mary, and Jesus--and see that they, too, are disturbers-of-the-peace.

And may a good and faithful servant find rest.

Nelson Mandela. Presente.

Read Mandela's statement before his trial for sabotage. 

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