Friday, July 12, 2013

Deep Well: Music

A couple of days ago, I decided that for the next few weeks I'm going to post on here, each day, about something that I've witnessed or experienced that day that, to me, points the way to the deep well of spiritual strength that I witnessed when I heard Peter Storey speak.

Yesterday was a frustrating day, for no particularly remarkable reason. Some days are just frustrating, is all.

So I took about 30 seconds in my dorm room to just focus on something good. And what I focused on was music.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time with having to pick songs, or at least help pick songs, for two different worship services this weekend. And feeling a bit overwhelmed about this is a bit problematic, since this is not a rare occurrence.

But it sort of struck me all of a sudden what a privilege this was. That I have this opportunity to help create a musical environment that invites people into a more hopeful, more imaginative way of living.

I don't know if I succeed at that, and I really do believe that any success any of us have in doing something like that is through grace. But to even have the opportunity to try is a pretty amazing thing.

So I sat down with my guitar and played a few chords, and remembered how magical it is that I can make something that sounds like music with my fingers and some wood and steel. I just took it in, for a little bit, the miracle of music.

Without a doubt, music helps point me to a deep well of spiritual nourishment, and I am grateful for it.

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