Thursday, November 15, 2012

No words for Gaza

I had a nice post planned about a meeting with my psychiatrist and the reduction of one of my meds.

Then the bombs started falling on Gaza.

I feel like I have no words for Gaza. I have used up all of the words. I have said everything I can, and others have said the rest.

I have used all of the words. I have used the words "crushing oppression." I have used the words "blockade and closure," and the word "siege." I have used the word "apartheid." And as Rafeef Ziadah says, "No soundbite can fix this."

I have said, "3 billion dollars of military aid to Israel every year." I have said "Motorola makes the communication systems, Hewlett Packard the guidance systems and the checkpoint scanners." I have told the human interest stories that are supposed to make people care more than the statistics do. I have said, "Caterpillar makes the house demolishing bulldozers." I have said my paltry piece, and others have said so much more, and I just feel like we are out of words.

I pray, "Please God, don't make this like 2008." And meanwhile people are dying, 15 Palestinians dead, 4 of them children, 3 Israelis dead.

And I am tired of Matthew 25. Tired of quoting "the least of these." I am tired of saying:

"Jesus is dying in Gaza."

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